Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday Egg: "Translucency"

©Katy David 2016 "Translucency" Rhea eggshell

I enjoyed every part of creating this piece. A lovely plain and simple etched egg but with a giant hole cut into the eggshell, revealing the internal play of light and shadow. The etching is the most important part of this piece, as the light is blocked more by the thicker areas of eggshell so that the pattern can emerge internally. This first photo shows a good amount of the etching and a hint of the shadows inside, but if you go a couple of photos down you can more clearly see what is visible when you look inside. It reminds of sugar Easter eggs with scenes inside. And I'm tickled that it almost looks like and actual egg, with the white surrounding the darker yolk. This was a tough one for me to photograph and I would recommend that you see it in person if you can.

Which brings me to some timely news: you will soon have the opportunity if you want to see this work in person because the East Austin Studio Tour is approaching soon, Saturday and Sunday, November 12 - 13th, 19 - 20th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. all four days. I'm stop #75 on the tour. For more information on the tour or to find out where my studio is, go to

I'd love to show you this and all my other new work (I have some fun 2D work that I've been playing with!), so please come on by if you can.

Happy Friday!

©Katy David 2016 "Translucency" Rhea eggshell

©Katy David 2016 "Translucency" Rhea eggshell

©Katy David 2016 "Translucency" Rhea eggshell


  1. I love this egg. At first glance you think it's just a beautiful simple design then you look closer and realize how complex it actually is. Just lovely.

    1. Thanks for your comment, and thanks for looking closely to see what it's really about.